Our Team

Our team is made up of some very motivated individuals attending the University of Washington

profile picture of Devyansh Gupta
    Devyansh Gupta (he/him)
    Electrical & Computer Engineering (2021)

I am a senior pursuing ECE at the University of Washington, Seattle, with Digital Signal Processing as my concentration and a Minor in Neural Engineering. I have also participated in a Training program in Neural Computation and Engineering. I joined Synaptech as a Freshmen to learn more about Brain and Neuroengineering. The club helped me reach out to Seniors and Professors in the field and learn about their research. I took over as President in my sophomore year and have worked on various projects in the last couple of years. My team and I have worked on numerous projects involving EEG, EMG, TENS, and Muse headsets and hacked them to make assistive devices for tetraplegic patients. Our most significant success was when we were able to hack Muse headband to map eye blinks to key presses. We used the chrome dino game (where the input was a spacebar) as a proof of concept to demonstrate remapping of eye blinks to keys. I am really passionate about Brain-Computer Interfaces and would love to contribute to this growing field.

profile picture of Pierre Karashchuk
    Pierre Karashchuk (he/him)
    PhD Student

I joined Synaptech because I wanted to work on cool projects around neurotech with others. We made so many cool things, but I particularly enjoyed playing a Tron game collaboratively, where I controlled left/right with my arms and another person controlled up/down.

profile picture of Toma Itakagi
    Toma Itakagi (he/him)
    Events Coordinator
    Neuroscience & Electrical Engineering (2023)

Brain data is extremely powerful in understanding ourselves. Through Synaptech, I hope to gain technical skills in analyzing neural signals, as well as, spreading the field of neurotech to more talented engineers. Interacting with students interested in learning more about the brain and neurotech has been extremely exciting.

profile picture of Peter Zachariah
    Peter Zachariah (he/him)
    Marketing & Recruitment
    Business Adminstration: Finance & Information Systems (2021)

I am Senior studying Finance and Information Systems at the Foster School of Business. I joined Synaptech because I am interested in applications of neuroscience, such as VR and Elon Musk’s Neuralink. My favorite experiences have honestly been meeting and getting to know new members. Especially since everything is online, Synaptech is an amazing way to meet like-minded peers and forge substantial relationships. In my free time, I love to watch shows, ski, play tennis, and hang out with friends.

profile picture of Sainyam Goel
    Sainyam Goel (he/him)
    Hardware Coordinator
    Economics and Quantitative Finance (2021)

I joined Synaptech because I was interested in the cool hardware and computational analysis used in the projects. I am intrigued by the possibilities of using brain data interface as a stable medium of communication between humans and computers. Synaptech gave me the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people and helped me learn new skills. In my free time I like to develop trading models and strategies.

profile picture of Morgan Graham
    Morgan Graham (she/her)
    Outreach & Hackathon Coordinator
    Computer Science (2022)

UW Synaptech Rocks!

profile picture of Poojitha Arangam
    Poojitha Arangam (she/her)
    Freshman Representative & Website Developer
    Computer Engineering - Intended (2024)

UW Synaptech Rocks!

profile picture of Hritik Arasu
    Hritik Arasu (he/him)
    Freshman Representative & Social Media
    Informatics - Intended (2024)
UW Synaptech Rocks!